Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrating New Life

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. What a significant day! Jesus road through Jerusalem on a donkey. At that time, Kings road in Chariots during time of war and donkeys during time of peace- He is our Prince of Peace. Probably elsewhere in the city lambs to be used for Passover where being brough through a separate gate- He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. People proclaimed, "Hosanna!", which means, "Save us Now"- He is our Savior.

It is hard to imagine that just four days later he was betrayed and the next day brutally, brutally beaten and killed. It's almost insane to try to grasp, but the human heart is so decietful, so fickle...and so easily swayed by the influence of others.

It is hard to explain all of this significance to my kids. Rather hard to know how much of the discussion they grasp, but we tried to talk about the significance of the lambs that were used for passover and how Jesus is our Lamb, Our King,and the ONLY source of Salvation and Eternal Life.

After we talked about the new life Christ offers, we decorated Easter Eggs. Originally a pagan symbol or fertility, christians have reclaimed them to be signs of new life. We had great fun decorating our eggs.

We begin...and yes, Chloe wasn't too happy;)

The kids had a blast.

Mister Silly liked to give orders or drop eggs in dye, but didn't want to patiently dip, himself. (Chloe now happily standing by mommy)

Praise God for New Life, for Jesus Sacrificial Death and for the RESURRECTION! He is RISEN!!

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