Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Following Mom's Advice

We are never to old to need our moms;) My mom is practical- very practical. If I call her complaining, she'll say, "I understand" but she doesn't really let you sit and mope. She offers advice and tells you "you can do it" and sends you on your merry way. Her advice is usually very good, which is why, of course, I so appreciate her;)

She had three kids under four at one time, too. She gets the insanity. She also knows how much it stinks to "lose it" with you kids, cuz she lost it a time or too (ssshhh, don't tell her I told you!:).
Anywho- yesterday she said, try turning it around and thinking of positively changing their behavior. Instead of continually correcting their negative behavior, remember to focus on positive and get them excited about good behavior. I totally needed to regain perspective. Sometimes when you are in the trenches you lose perspective.

So last night, I developed a new plan with my kids. We got back out our mason jar and little ball pom poms. If Ava makes it until lunch time without tattling, she puts a ball in. She has another opportunity to earn a ball between lunch and dinner and a third between dinner and bedtime. Already this morning she tattled, but the wonderful thing is that right away she caught herself and said, "OH MAN! i better try again after lunch."

Phin can earn a ball too if he obeys right away when I give him instructions. When they fill the jar, we'll go to the waterpark. This is the first time we've involved Phin in the jar filling exercise- it will be good to get the working together toward something, I think.

Just having a plan feels good, cuz I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. Thanks mom, yet again, for helping me screw my head back on straight and restore peace to my heart and home;)

She also did tell me to ask Ava how she'd feel if I tattled on her to Papa all the time. Similar to what my Aunt Judy said. Maybe I DO do I'll be careful to keep my daily "updates" to Marc for after bedtime!


  1. I'm storing all of these great tips away until Mia gets up there. :) Its a great idea and it just cracks me up-thinking of them trying so hard to earn a little cotton ball-ha :) I think the supernanny would be proud of this positive reinforcement! :) Karla

  2. great idea!! We may try that too- I was having too many frustrating moments lately! thanx for sharing