Saturday, April 16, 2011

He's ALIVE;)

Today, we started a new tradition, borrowed from my friend Nikki. We made resurrection rolls. I love little ways to bring the Easter story to life for my kids. I have little ones who LOVE to help cook, so this one was a big hit. We chose to do it today for a strictly practical reason- we have two extra little ones staying with us. Marc and I are both on Weight Watchers, so this way we had more little mouths to eat up the gooey goodies and we weren't tempted with left overs;)

First you start with a triangle of crescent roll dough.

A Marshmallow represents the body of Christ (post death on the cross).

You dip the Marshmallow in butter to represent the oil used at burial.

Then in cinnamon sugar to reprsent the spices.

Then you bury him in the tomb (the dough)

Making sure all edges are tightly sealed.

Bake them according the to directions on package.

When they're done, the tomb is EMPTY!



(Truly it was so fun. The kids were SO AMAZED and excited. We talked about how important the resurrection was because though it is Christ's love that kept him on the cross, it is his resurrection that gives us freedom from sin. It's cool to see Ava really understanding that this year!)


  1. He is alive indeed! I love seeing that look of joy on Ava and Phin's faces!

  2. Love this! I also had my eye on this when Nikki posted it.What a great idea, Nikki! Also glad my kiddos got to be a part of it too!

  3. We are SOOOO doing this- Thanks for the idea and I will post about it too when we do it!!! So fun!