Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Bee

Marc's parents have been here all week and I've been absent from computering. Sometimes having houseguests can be difficult, but this week has really been just a blessing. I was feeling really tired and overwhelmed. I'll be honest, I don't know how to parent a five year old. I totally buy into heart oriented discipline. I think it is SO important not just to change behavior but to mold hearts, the problem is I have no clue how to really do it. I often feel like I am talking too much and lose her at "hello". I was kind of losing perspective. Marc has been working a lot. He's been tired and his list of "to do"s was growing by the minute.

Nayla and Sherril have been a needed break for us. The kids have forgotten their spring fever and are excited about their grandparents. Nayla and Sherril LOVE my kids. They invest in them, spend time with them and it's allowed me to step back and forget about being overwhelmed and just remember how wonderful my kids are. Their imperfections aren't as glaring when I am able to breathe a little deeper, pray a little more, and PLAY a little more. My inlaws are work horses. They come and help and help and help. It is a blessing. I've been able to chip away at my to do list; Sherril has chipped away at Marc's. Yessirree, God has really given us a gift this week and I am so so thankful. My blog may not be getting done, but my house is getting spring cleaned and organized (absolute heaven for this OCDer).

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  1. yey! so glad you are geting help! karla