Friday, April 1, 2011

A Moment Too Good Not to Share

As we were talking tonight at small group, I was reminded of a little moment that occured in our home on Wednesday afternoon. Another illustration of why I'll never be a supermom;)

I have a FABULOUS (and that is NO exaggeration) babysitter. She babysits for me every wednesday so that I can get errands done, go to mom's prayer time at school, work out, see a friend, etc. She does a great job not just taking care of my children but loving them. She is great.

Wednesday I had to pop in and grab something for my room. Hannah and Phin were playing in his room next door to mine. I hear her sending him to time out. He is crying. I, of course, did not interfere. I know her to be very fair and loving and I technically was 'not home'- she was in charge.

Imagine my parenting guilt, however, as I sneak down the stairs and I hear her saying, "Phin we do not lie. I know your mommy would not let you jump on the bed."

Okay here is the thing- I DO! I totally let him jump on his bed. It's winter. He's a two year old with energy. He wasn't lying. Crap- here he was in time out because I am a less than responsible parent.

What would you have done at that point? Just curious.


  1. In case YOU are curious. I left. I didn't want to usurp her authority. If I wasn't here I wouldn't have been able to intervene anyway. I explain to her when I got home that they actually ARE allowed to jump on their beds. Her face was priceless.

  2. I cracked up at this one! jason laughed also :) I would have done the same thing-its awkward for a baby sitter to have you interfere when you weren't suppossed to be home in the first place. Poor Phin! Did anyone talk to him about it? LOL :)Karla