Monday, April 18, 2011

Morning Conversations

Phin quite happily proclaiming, "Poopy! Poopy! Poooooopy!....Poopy, Poopy, Poopy."

Me: "Phin, that's enough we don't just say "poopy"

Phin, with very sly grin, doesn't miss a beat- "Toot"

Welcome to life with a young boy. I should have further corrected potty talk perhaps, but he caught me off guard and I burst out laughing. He's still young; I will try to have him trained for his future wife, but it just may take me all 18 years;0)


  1. All 18 years is right! We're at 16 and still working on it! ;)

    Oh, there's nothing like little (or big) boys!

  2. Amen to that! Joshua's accomplishment of the day was not shouting "stop pee, stop poop" while he was waiting for the bathroom at school. Baby steps, right?