Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Review- 31 Days of Power (HIGHLY recommend!)

I love Ruth Meyers. Truly, her books have made a significant difference in my spiritual journey. Her first book, 31 Days of Praise was given to me during of time of brokenness and allowed me to turn from looking at my own pain and focus on the magnificence of my Creator. To be able to wholeheartedly praise God DESPITE life circumstances is a lesson I will never forget and has become an important part of my life.

In 31 Days of Power, Meyers does not disappoint. The book is laden with scripture and again focuses the reader on the truth of who God is and what he has done. As the title suggests, there are 31 separate prayers in the book. Each one focus on different aspects of God's character and takes the reader on a journey of realizing that we have GREAT power over the enemy through Jesus Christ. The bible says our "struggles are not against flesh and blood" and indeed that is true. There is a spiritual battle waging around us. What Meyers does however, is not simply highlight the battle but also reminds us that battle is already won! My favorite quote from the book, still gives me chills each time I reread it. " I praise you that You reign over all, with never the slightest alarm about the powers of evil, for Your throne is never threatened."

Ruth Meyers has a great talent for using scripture to inspire, instruct, encourage, and admonish the believer. In this book, she takes the bible and uses it to remind us that there is POWER in Christ and through the Holy Spirit. Satan may try to convince us that he is to be feared, but in God's word we are reminded that, indeed HIS throne is never threatened; we need not be either when we keep our eyes on the Victor and rely on His strength, wisdom, and truth to fill us with power.

I HIGHLY recommend this book along with the rest of the books in Meyers 31 days series.

(This book was given to me free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)

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