Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update #2

In a total moment of self glorification- I would also like to give a quick update on my weight loss journey. I have lost 10 lbs. I am at the weight I was when I got preggo with Ava. I still have toning to do, but I feel awesome. I realize it isn't so much about the mirror (although having clothes fit better IS a plus); I feel good because I am taking care of myself. It just feels incredible to be making good choices and finding success in it.

My husband can't keep his comments or his hands to himself....but I'm not so sure that is a plus. I appreciate the comments, but I have three kids touching me all day- the last thing I want is a grope from a grown man.

Note- my husband will perhaps accuse me of slight exaggeration, but I reserve the right to blog about the world as I see it;) AND if I'm honest it is nice that he thinks I'm a hot tamale cuz his view of sexy is the only one that really me, anyway;)


  1. Ow ow! Go girl! You do look rockin :)

  2. Ooo la la! GOOD FOR YOU! Now, I don't know which way i'd rather have it....I love jason and he shows love in mnay ways, but verbal affirmation is not his strong point, so I say GOOD FOR YOU MARC! Keep those comments coming because even though Kimmy may act annoyed, I have a sneaking suspicion she would miss it if you quit :-) maybe not the groping,(lol :)) but the comments for sure :-) Karla