Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 8- A Mother's Day and Birthday

Sunday we, of course, celebrated Mother's Day, but this year my father's birthday (also 5/8) trumped the day. My dad turned 60! If you don't know my dad already, you'll see in the pictures that he looks amazing; what you cannot see is that beneath his svelt young exterior lies an even more amazing heart and soul.

My dad had this little thing he was probably unaware of- every time we were in the car with him when we passed a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, he'd say, "Have you guys ever been there? I've heard it's really good." We HAD been there and we knew indeed it is VERY good and there was no better place to chose to celebrate the big day!

The restaurant was kind enough to give us a private room for our family, a favor that benefitted them as much as it did us- we were after all bringing along three children under the age of two;) The privacy felt extra special and I hope my Papa did too!

Happy Birthday to truly one of the most amazing men alive. Very few people I know have father's that so wonderfully lived out scripture in an authentic, loving way. I truly believe my view of God has been shaped by the love, wisdom, authority, and grace my dad has lived out in our home. I KNOW I am blessed beyond words by having a dad of great character and I know each of my sisters AND our husbands feel the same way. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for him!

My Family;) (I know! They are good lookin', right?!)

This picture really has nothing to do with my dad, but it is adorable. Phin was "sitting" so quietly eating his fries it took us a while to notice the poor little guys had fallen asleep in his chair! (What I wouldn't give to be able to sleep anywhere like that!)

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