Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures from last week;)

Y, I am seriously posting more blogs in day than I usually do in a month! It's just been a jam packed kind of time!

Here are some photos from last week. I'll save you the long narration and simply comment on the photos;)

A typical day in my life- while I am picking up the living room, they destroy the kitchen...

But at least they have imaginations...here a organizing shelf has become batman's prison;)

The cake I made Ava's Teachers for Parent Appreciation Week.

Phin very proudly brought me a bouquet of sticks;) on our FIRST warm day.

The differences between boys and girls continue;)

Snapped a pic of our happy girl getting ready to go on stage for her school performance...she's kind of lovin' the spotlight;)

My Chloe turned 11 months old...where does time go?


  1. It is not safe to put children's pictures on the internet. Have you thought about the privacy of the children in your child's class? I am a relative of one of the children in these pictures, I am asking you to please remove the class pictures from your blog.

  2. I have done extensive reading about the types of pictures predators look for on the internet and am very careful about the type of photographs I post.

    Additionally, I, of course, not only thought of the privacy of the children in the pictures, but deliberately posted photos in which their faces were not shown, with the exception of the photo of the class singing which was taken from far away making it very difficult to distinguish each face. Finally, the school itself post photos of children on it's website.

    Furthermore, my blog is not linked to very many searchable words. I don't know how best to explain that but basically you can find me on google if you search "Kim Aneed Blog" or the name of the blog itself, but not by much else. It someone puts "pictures of children" they will not find my blog.

    I wish you had not posted "anonymously" as it is difficult to reconcile an offense when I do not know who I offend- and I obviously made you quite angry.

    I keep my blog as a record of my life and will be binding it in a book, which is why I post photos. If I show a child's face, i always check with their parent. Still because I am unable to speak with you and find out what exactly offended you I have removed the photos. In the future, please know that I am open to conversation and criticism and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss and reconcile an offense instead of running the risk of someone having a root of bitterness or anger towards me or I towards them. I apologize for offending whoever you are, I certainly tried to be very careful about the pictures.

  3. Kim- that cake is awesome- makes me want to cry as a teacher who would have loved to get one like that! Ava's hair is so long- they are all sooo cute!Love and miss you friend