Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 7- Covenant Friendships are a gift unlike any other

Blogger was down all last week so I am now playing "catch up".

We are blessed with friends. There isn't really a fancy way to say it- it just is a fact. We have some amazing friends. I haven't always appreciated friendship. In fact, I have many regrets from high school and college over times I failed a friend. It is through those learnings, that I have become a better friend and learned the value of true friendship,
of forgiveness, of love.

Saturday we got together with a group of friends that we don't live near; still, we live life alongside them. God has placed all of us in different locations over the past couple years and yet he has seen fit to keep us connected in an amazing way and I believe for his good purpose and glory.

Dear friends of ours are working in Tanzania. They had to come home for a medical emergency. We were fortunate to be able to see them while they were home. On Saturday, four couples got together minus the kiddos for a time of encouragement and prayer before this particular couple returns home to Africa. I cannot express to you how amazing each of these people are. When I am in their presence I just want to love Jesus MORE. There are moments in your life that you KNOW are a gift, this evening was one such moment.

(Rox brought me the cloth the use [hopefully she'll comment and remind me of the name] for head covering, skirts, or using as a baby carrying wrap...I'll be using it as a table cloth, but I still wanted to know how it worked should I ever feel the need to use it for real;)

We had dinner, we chatted, we prayed, and then spontaneously someone suggested having communion together. There was something fabulously REAL about that moment, about remembering the Savior who unites us in friendship. I couldn't help but picture Jesus' last supper with his friends and wonder if this casual (yet still very reverent) style of communion, so unlike what is typical, didn't make him smile. (Yes, Mexican style shot glasses hold the wine. Don't judge. I am pretty sure those plastic communion cups weren't what Jesus used either;)

It was late, we were tired and yet very much alive. Authentic friendship and authentic community are refreshing. Being supported and challenged at the same time is amazing. I grow each time I am in the presence of these friends and I can only hope I live a life that does the same for others.


  1. amen sister- you do! We were so encouraged and challenged and you said it just right- makes me run the race with more energy to see you running it too! that is upper room fellowship. and you look great in the kanga!!!

  2. KANGA! Thanks- I knew you'd come through on that one;)