Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The First Day

Ava had her first day of preschool. It doesn't feel to a mom very much like pre- school. It feels like school and it makes you realize that your child is growing up!
I usually let Ava pick out her own clothes, or atleast don't argue with her with she has her own ideas about what matches and doesn't. Today, however, I was in scrapbook mom mode. It was all about the "PICTURE". Thankfully, Ava, loved her green apple skirt and apple tights and was even excited about my suggestion of pony tales. She did NOT like the plain navy shirt that looked ADORABLE with her skirt. You see her pink and blue striped shirt also has an apple on it, just like the skirt and tights. In her mind, no other shirt would suffice. I had her lay out her clothes last night so Marc was in on the process. Her papa, kindly reminded me that it might be better to have her in clothes SHE felt comfortable wearing than clothes that fit my idea of the "perfect" first day outfit. He was right; she looks cute no matter what so I didn't make a fuss. I even let her chose her Dora "crocs" when the brown Mary Janes would have been so much better for my picture;)

Ava's preschool breaks them in slowly. They divide the class into small groups and the kids attend in small groups for only one hour for their first day of preschool. Because it is a twenty minute ride up there, I had a sitter watch Phin since it also fell during his nap time. I asked her to come early and I took Ava out for a special breakfast. I had thought bagels would be a great idea; do you know what my child wanted? She wanted EGGS BENEDICT and pancakes. Now, this is what I usually order at our fav spot Walker Bros. She has sampled mine many a time, but it caught me QUITE off guard. A three year old already preferring Eggs Benedict...aye yaye yaye! She even said to me today, while enjoying each and every bit, "Mommy, can you making this sauce to put on my lunch." She has no clue what a fortunate little girl, she is!!! (But I love it too, so I guess I'll be looking for the "perfect" hollandaise recipe- suggestions appreciated.)

Anywho- I walked her up to meet her teacher and I have to laugh thinking of it. The kids were ALL fine, but as they walked inside quite a few mamas were not. It was quite a sight! Funny and totally understandable. They had a coffee time for the parents so I was fortunate enough to be able to meet some great parents and am excited to get to know them all over the next year. I LOVE our choice of preschool!!

Ava had an amazing day and is VERY excited to return. She has a half day on TH and then starts going full day twice a week next Tuesday. How strange and how wonderful all at the same time to see your child blossoming into this beautiful, funny young lady. She adores her teachers and I have to say I do too. It is obvious that they love the kids, their jobs, and Jesus. We are paying a bit to attend Christian Heritage but knowing my daughter is not just cared for but THRIVING is worth more than they could ever charge (though if anyone from CHA is reading this, please don't raise my tuition;).


  1. I love what you said about the outfit. That is always an issue around here as well! For her first day of kindergarten, I had picked out a very cute (but somewhat uncomfortable) lime green frilly shirt with matching belted capris. When I put them on her, she was tearful and uncomfortable, so she ended up going in a knit princess t-shirt and jeans. She would just as well go in her pajamas, though, so sometimes I have to put my foot down about what is appropriate in certain situations : ).

  2. I love the outfit- so sweet, can't believe you can already wear tights there :) She looks so big!! Go AVA go!! we cheering you on!