Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aneed for President- 2012?

Mom's don't get sick days. Have I blogged about that before? I've certainly griped about it a time or two. I propose instead of fighting about healthcare and proposing a program that will not work, our government refocus their effort on creating a new government program. This program could be called "Mother Relief Services" or something terrible like that. Moms could call in and our lovely tax dollars could be spent on sending relief workers to american homes, when a mom is sick or just needs a "mental health day". Should I start a petition? How many signatures would it take to get my congresswoman to take that up?

Seriously, this is one thing that I'll never get used to about motherhood. How do you adequately care for your children when you look like a walking Nyquil add- you know runny nose, watery eyes, zombie like body movements? How do you find energy to answer your toddler's "Whys" when your head feels like it's been overinflated with LEAD? I mean this just shouldn't be! I am quite sure it is not in the children's best interest to have such a caregiver! I mean God forbid an emergency occur that requires some sort of swift action or good mental accuity, because in such a state a mom simple cannot perform up to her superhero potential.

I have been in this rather sad sick, state since late afternoon yesterday. I definitely wasn't a sexy sight for Marc to behold when arriving home from work and I couldn't wait for the next nap or bedtime for my children. There are just days that would be best spent in bed...preferribly with someone rubbing your temples, bringing you hot tea and soup, and hey why not singing a lullaby or two. Yep, that is how things would be if I were president- which is probably why I am not;) So instead of leading the free world, I will lead my little hinney to bed because let's face it no one's comin' to rescue me tomorrow but my children WILL certainly be rearin' to go at 6 am.

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