Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation- aka Plugging ClubMed

Vacation, sweet Vacation! It is a time for resting, reflection, fun, and memories. We returned this year to ClubMed, in Port St. Lucie, FL. We were there a couple years ago and to date, it is the only vacation we've had were Marc and I had the opportunity to relax. The have a wonderful program called "Kids Club", which may sound like glorified day care, but truly it's more like day camp. The staff is WONDERFUL and the kids have a blast. There is nothing like KNOWING your children are safe and happy to put a mommy's mind at ease. We typically picked up our children after lunch (though we DID leave them for a full day on a couple occasions). We had the mornings to ourselves to be as active or as lazy as we desired. We talked. We rested. We enjoyed being together. I think I read 6 books during the week. It was lovely!

I've been feeling a little down since we came home. Perhaps, it is the recent death of our pastor or the fact that my children took turns with stomach flu upon our return, but I think a part of it is just vacation "let down." It's really nice to look through pictures and remember how much FUN we can have as a family. I am challenged and encouraged to resist being bull dozed by my "to do" list and let "fun mommy" out a bit more often!

Chloe enjoyed the warmth, but didn't like the pools so much. Her and I usually watched the others and she cruised in circles around the lawn chairs!

Sadly, I guess I tend to take the photos in our family and the is one of the only ones with me in it;) We are happily reading the newest "Splat" book. Purchased just for this vacation because it is about SWIMMING:)

The highlight of Ava's trip, was learning to swing on the the flying trapeze, but unfortunately we didn't get a picture! (I KNOW!) Second, and a close second at that, was learning to hoola hoop! She's been trying for a while and got she's a hoola hoopin' pro!

ClubMed features Raggs the Dog and band. I guess it's show on PBS, though we haven't seen it ourselves. Phin liked him lots....from a far;)

Phin with his two "teachers".

Phin running with his "class"

Ava and her favorite teacher, Miss Jessica.

Ava with her class. They were admist walking around the resort chanting, "We are the Geckos. We are the best. Geckos, Geckos, we're the best." (Her age group was titled, "the Geckos";)

Papa and kiddos in the pool!

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  1. this all looks just amazing- how fun- the best vaca's are WITH my kids and then WITHOUT them too:) both combo is just fab!! So joyful that you all got this time together and praying "real life" doesn't kick your butt so much- I know what that can be like.Love all the pics and YOU look so great -congrats on the healthy you.