Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Yesterday, my baby turned ONE! The year has flown by, and I find myself reflecting on the special little girl God gave us. She certainly is incredible!

My favorite things about Chloe:
1)She's a people person and is probably happiest when we are in public with lots of people and commotion all around us.
2)She's a cuddler! She loves to be picked up and will nuzzle her little face into your shoulder.
3)She's loud...very loud. (I suppose #3 sometimes needs to make herself be known;)

4)She has chubby, munchy cheeks.
5)She loves to be silly and crawl away when I am chasing her.

6)Her laugh when I tickle her can brighten the lousiest day!

7)She loves her siblings.
8)She crawls normally on carpet, but doesn't like the hardwood so she does the most adorable hybrid "butt scoot" crawl combo when on the tile or hard wood;)
9)She is particular- she loves water, but only if it is the right temperature. She loves her bottles but would rather go hungry then drink them lukewarm or cold (they need to be VERY WARM). 10)She is a good eater- THANK YOU, Lord!
11) And while it is frustrating, it is also adorable and hilarious- She has a TEMPER! If she doesn't get what she wants QUICKLY- she melts and is hard to calm down. She'll definitely be interesting in the terrible two's;)

Her accomplishments:
words: mama, Papa, Hannah, Ava, up, All Done, Uh Oh, Doggie, Hi, Bye Bye, Banana, Dolly, "yay"
She shakes her head "no" and signs, "all done, more, please"
She can growl like a lion, baulk like a chicken, and quack like a duck. She plays patty cake, how big is baby, and does the "home alone" face.
She can stand on her own, but is not confident yet. She crawls everywhere, but prefers to walk holding on to our hands.

We love you, Munchy, and are so very thankful that God created you for our family!


  1. love the post! I was thinking that I hope chloe and Mia are very good friends as I think they may be opposite in alot of things and opposites attract right? While Chole is a social butterfly, Mia may prefer hanging out in the background, and while Chloe is loud, Mia is quieter (at least so far)-but together they will still love to laugh! I can just picture Chloe being the ring leader and running the show while Mia just laughs at her :) Happy Birthday Chloe Roberta! We love you!

  2. What a sweet post for a sweet girl - happy birthday to Chloe! Love the photos!