Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We've been so busy, it has been utterly exhausting. To recap:

4/25-5/6- Marc mom and step-dad here visiting
5/6-5/8- Chicago for a special friend meeting and celebrating my dad's 60th birthday
5/13-5/15- Kim in DC for girls weekend
5/21-to Chicago for special birthday of Ava's friend
5/25- Ava's last day of school and ballet recital (which had extra rehearsals beforehand!)
6/3-6/5- visitng my grandparents
6/6-6/8-the stomach flu works it's way through our home
6/10-6/12-Pittsburgh (left kids at my parents)
6/12-6/15- Marc leaves from Chicago for San Diego so I stay there with kids until he returns
6/16- bring meals to two new moms and Chloe has ear infection
6/18- Kim drives to Chicago for sisters birthday and concert and back hom
6/19- Father's Day

But guess what- the marathon of busyness is DONE...DONE. It was many wonderful things. Time with loved ones and friends, but utterly exhausting that it all fell on top of each other. It feels SOO good to be home. I am getting life back in order. It's been hard to feel connected to people here in Sheboygan when we have been gone so much and have been sick the few days we were home. I have been dancing around, giddy with excitement just to be getting my home back in order. There really is no place like home. Travel is exciting (less so with three kids though), but really too much of a good thing is just too much. I am reveling in the feeling of home, of routine, of my own bed and having all three kids in their own room and own beds...and even in mopping my floors, cooking, and doing laundry. For the moment, that which I often find mundane is filling me with gratitude and joy. NORMALCY- definitely not overrated;) I cannot wait for boredom to set in;)

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  1. We're about the embark on the craziness and I know it's going to be fun, but I, too, look forward to normalcy!