Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A bedtime slip up

When putting Phin to bed, there are plenty of giggles and fun. Trying to keep it a calm and quiet endeavor long ago proved useless. Tonight, he didn't want to hear the usual Jesus Loves me, he wanted veggie tales. He wanted me to hide him under his blanket. He's just adorable- really adorable. The last thing we do each night is kiss our kids...five times. In Phin case, the we say, "Ava loves you (kiss one), Chloe loves you (two), mommy loves you (three), papa loves you (four), but Jesus loves you the most (BIG hug and kiss, with a few tickles thrown in." His laugh is so addictive it's easy to want to stay far too long tickling, laughing, and being silly. Tonight I was so wrapped up in his cuteness and silliness I said, "Good Night, Sleep Tight (my words barelly audible over his hysterical laughter), Do not let the bed bugs bite (OOPS! His giggles immediately ceased and a look of shock lit up his little face)." Time froze. Why did I say that?! Bed bugs?! You could just see his little mind working and then in a very soft whisper he says, "why?"

He wanted to know what would happen if those "bed bugs" bit. Oops. I tried to explain in a way that would make sense to a two year old. He seemed to buy it...we'll see though how the night goes. I have a feeling if he has any bad dreams tonight it just might serve me right;)

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