Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today we went strawberry picking with our good friends, the Rubins. When Marc asked later in the day if it was fun, we replied, "yes, well, sort of." We had five kids under five. It's hard to categorize that simply as fun;)

We got plenty of strawberries...and plenty of duds thanks to our little helpers. The girls picked aggressively for about 30 minutes and then the novelty wore off. Bobbi told them the tractor driver wouldn't let them drive back until their bucket was full. I figured the girls knew she was joking until Ava whispered to me, "Mom I am really tired, do you think you can help put some strawberries in my bucket. I am ready to go get lunch and I don't think I can fill this bucket by myself.";) Phin ate a few strawberries and liked to put the ones I picked into the bucket, but this year he didn't really enjoy picking them himself. He soon left picking and took to terrorizing Chloe and Connor. Connor didn't want to eat or pick strawberries and kept trying to run down the path into the road. Chloe sat and ate...and ate and then started to cry. I tried sitting her next to me, but she cried there too. I had to pick bending over (back breaking, let me tell you) instead of squatting so that she could stand up and hold onto my how exactly do you describe all that? Exhausting, but fun in many ways. Crazy, but hilarious. We made memories, that is for sure!

On the tractor, getting a ride over to the patch....

Aren't they adorable? They've been friends since birth (well before, really, since I met Bobbi in birthing class). They can fight like sisters, but most of the times they work out creative ways to share...this is how they shared their bucket;)

The troops in action, shortly after arrival, when the whole thing was still very exciting;)

My boy!
Yes, I actually lost my balance when squatting and Bobbi made sure to capture it.
I am getting old!!

My dear friend, whom we affectionately refer to 'round here as Fun Bobbi

My munchkin, quite obviously, loves a good strawberry (or in this case 20 good strawberries)


  1. Love the pics- the one of you falling is hilarious and i LOVE the one of Chloe- frame able!! Tell Bobbi I say HI and her kids are so sweet!

  2. You may have had a crazy time, but you got some CUTE pictures out of it!