Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Review- Unleashed

Oh that I could put words to the stirrings of my spirit! This book left me challenged, elated, and inspired. McManus writes beautifully of the life Christians are called to lived, that I am called to live. It isn't easy, it isn't neat, it isn't clean and it often isn't found in the safe confines of our typical church in American- he calls is "The Barbarian Way". I couldn't help but resonate with McManus's words. Satan has the church deceived into thinking the christian life should be safe, controlled, and easy. The church has become a self centered institution that greatly resembles the Jewish culture at the time of Christ- religion is dominating and relationships with God are foreign.

I found this book though provoking and biblical. It is a short read that kept my attention from beginning to end and I highly recommend reading it.

My book is thoroughly underlined! Oh that I could type it all here; but a few quotes that I found to be utterly thought provoking:

1)"Anyone who ever risks listening to God and following his voice knows that to everyone who is deaf to His voice, your actions will seem as if you've gone crazy." So many times, I have felt frustrated when sharing my heart or retelling of God's leading. I hate to be told God doesn't lead or speak to us in small ways. I believe his is interested in the very details of my day bringing glory to his name...even if others think that's crazy, I know it to be true! "All of life is sacred; every action is spiritual. God is everywhere for [me] at all times."
2)"We are called to fear only God. There is an important reason for this. What we fear is what we're subject to; our fears define our master. Where there is no fear; there is no control." Why do Christians live lives out of fear? God tells us to be of courage, to not be afraid, his "perfect love casts out all fear." What would our lives look like if we lived without fear of failure, others, ourselves?
3)"We build churches that become nothing more than hiding places for the faithful while pretending that our actions are for the good of the world...It may seem counterintuitive, but the more civilized we seem to become, the more detached from the pain of others we end up finding ourselves."..One of the tragedies of a civilized society is that no one wants to get involved." OH! How true this is in in our churches. How few people are witnessing and serving. It makes me want to weep? What does Christ think of our apathy?

Yes, the book inspired me and challenged me to not buy into the allure of religion, but to live my life listening moment to moment to the Spirit and obediently following where he leads no matter how scary or unsafe it may seem. The only criticism of the book I can offer is that McManus is bold and harsh towards the church but doesn't offer any advice on how to deal with the problems in the church other that to encourage revolt against them. I can see many people running way with this to an extreme causing hurt and division with in the church. He does point out that the tools of the christian barbarian are love and the fruits of the spirit, but it's easy to miss that point amidst the excitement of what he calls the barbarian call.

*I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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  1. Have you ever read the Barbarian Way? I LOVE that book too- I will try to get this one on kindle! Thanks! Sounds great. Also, have you read "don't Waste your life?" by Piper- just finished it- ummm, awesome!!