Saturday, June 25, 2011

She's only 5?

Ava is growing up. Too fast. She just turned 5, but she continues to be smart as a whip and quite aware of her feelings. She's finding ways to articulate how she feels about things and often leaves me stunned. Here is a conversation we had in the car last night:

Ava: Mom, I don't think I like Sheboygan.
Me: What do you mean? Usually you say you love Sheboygan.
Ava: Well, I do love it, but there is just one tiny thing wrong.
Me: What is that tiny thing?
Ava: You see, it is kind of like a circle here. You start in one place and drive just a little bit and then you're back home. Do you know what I mean? It's small.
Me: (laughing) yes, it is small, but why is that a bad thing?
Ava: It's not always a bad thing, but the bad part is that it's so small we don't have everything I love; like there is no Dunkin' Donuts or Chuck E. Cheese here. Sometimes that make me feel like I miss those places.
Me: (smiling) You are right about that, but the positive of THAT is when we go to Dunkin' Donuts or Chuck E. Cheese we can really appreciate them because we remember that they are treats.
Ava: I guess, but I still would like Sheboygan to like be a little bigger so we could have those treats when you really want them. Like today, remember I wanted Dunkin' Donuts, but I couldn't even have that treat because we can't drive to one in Sheboygan? It's kind of made me want it all day! (small pause) Wait! I guess I can be thankful because we DO have a donut place here; I forgot about that. 'memeber we went there one time. Can we go there tomorrow?

She's great, isn't she?;) I totally got her on this one. We used to live behind a Dunkin' Donuts. We went a bit too often, so perhaps the habit it going to take longer than usual to really break;) AND yes- we are going to the bakery this morning.

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