Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little snippets I don't want to forget

I LOVE the way kids learn vocabulary. It's amazing really to watch them pick up on words and meanings, but I have to say one of my very favorite things is when they slightly misunderstand usage. I was reminded of two of their little slip ups today (and by the way, I find it so cute I haven't corrected them because really- it's sweet).

Ava calls McDonalds, "Old MacDonalds" and she always has. She almost always starts singing "Old MacDonald had a Farm" every time we pass a McD's. This has gone on for a few years now and I still find it so precious;)

When we get to automatic doors, I started saying, "Watch this kids, I can make the door open with my words: and I say, "Open sesame" right as the door should open. When it does they think it's neat. They have started to try and time it right themselves. Ava gets it right and says, "Open Sesame." Phin, on the other hand, says, 'Open Sesame Street'." It makes Ava crack up every time and still he seems oblivious to her laughing.

Soon, they will grow up and realize their little errors, but for now I am savoring their innocence. It's so precious and makes the hard parts of motherhood a little less glaring;)

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  1. Cute! Anders calls McD's "Old MacDonalds" too. :)