Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ava's Ballet Recital

Ava's ballet recital was May 25. We couldn't get actually pictures of the dance because flash photography and video were probitted and the photos we tried to take without a flash didn't turn out as we were too far from the stage. Apparently the ballet school will be making photos and video available for a small fee...OF COURSE! I suppose I'll add them when they are available;)

Ava sitting with her class. She had a long wait as her performance was third from the end!

Here is a photo of the theater and stage. It IS a beautiful place and Ava said it was "magificent":)

Ava and her proud parents;)

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  1. she looks so pretty :) so proud of you Ava! Wish we were close enough to come to your recitals! Love you! Karla