Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ava is in VBS this week and it's been great fun, with one exception. They have this little contest going between boys and girls to see who can earn the most points. Thusfar the boys have won every single day. Ava was a little disappointed on Monday, a little angry on Tuesday, and in tears on Wednesday. I understood her sadness, it stinks to loose and she's worked hard to do her part to earn points, getting her memory verses perfect, etc.

I let her be upset at first, but when it started to drag on we had a little talk about life. It isn't about winning, but about doing your best and having fun. We talked about how the bible says to think about what is noble and good. I had her list good things about the day. She agreed that she'd had a blast at VBS and decided the one good thing about the boys winning is that is WAS fun to see the girl teacher get sprayed with silly string. Of course, the last thought set her into a downward spiral as she realized it "would have been even funnier to see a boy teacher get sprayed."

I'd had just about enough of the pity party and I told her so. I said, "Enough. Think about positive things or be quiet. You had a lovely morning and you have a choice to ruin the rest of your day because of the one hard part of the day or have a nice day thinking of all the fun you had. I chose NOT to let you ruin my day by continuing to listen to your negativity." She said, "You're right, mom." I patted myself on the back.

THEN we got home. My babysitter, Hannah, was here with Chloe and Phin. As we came into the kitchen, she greeted Ava and asked her how VBS was. You guessed it, the tears came a pouring. You would have thought someone died. SERIOUSLY?! I said to Ava, "What happened to thinking about the positive?" She replied in her weepy voice, "I tried mom, I really did, but the crying was stuck right here in my throat (points to her neck) and I just couldn't help it. Sometimes you just have to let it out."

Touche! She's right...sometimes you just have to let it out....and take a nap. Which she did and surprisingly (sarcasm implied) the whole points thing wasn't such a big deal after that. We'll see what happens today at VBS. Losing is always a good lesson for a kid, but I DO kind of hope the girls get it together today;)