Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Advent summary days 11-12

This has been a good experiment in returning to the world of blogging.  I love the parenting place I am in, but Ava is up now until my bedtime.  The truth is many nights I fall asleep on the couch before I grab the laptop to blog.  I am in a very healthy place with Hashimoto's but I still find myself exhausted at the end of days.  I have always been a person who needs regular sleep, with the Hashi's my body just puts itself to sleep if I try to push it farther;)  So I have fallen asleep instead of post pictures, but I fall asleep smiling.  Life is beautifully full.  I continue to find that planning our advent helps keep life slow during December.  Blogged or not, these days are joyfilled and I am savoring them.

Day 11- There is not much to say....it's WINDOW CLING DAY!!!

Day 12-  Time to use our gifts and talents to worship the KING!  Let's go watch Chloe and Phin's Christmas Concert!

I do love that our schools concerts really are expressions of worship.  Chloe began playing the violin in September to she was over the moon to play in Silent Night.  Phin plays the drums and we could not stop smiling that he was the cowbell in on of their songs.  His glockenspiel playing certainly was the best use of his talents, but nothing beats watching you kid who looks like Patrick MaHommes play cowbell while your phone keep dinging with messages from other parents of similar age and all the messages read, "more cowbell!"

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