Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Advent day 14. 15. 16. 17...so many things;)

Advent Day 14 was intended to be cookie day, but we got a little busy with activities and I made dought too late in the day.  It was firm enought by bedtime so cookie day got pushed back.  Advent Day 15 was our Bethlehem dinner and we had two families join us but guess what, I was so busy enjoying their company I did not take a single picture- DOH!  So I give you- Day 14's cookies made day 15 after our sweet friends departed;)

The book?  It is a book on the history of Christmas Cookies and their symbolism and ways they have been used to share the gospel:)

Day 16- Jesus washes our sins away so our hearts are as white as snow.  Let's celebrate by taking a Christmas bath.

Oh how well I remember the giggles of toddler in bubble baths playing with our nativity bath toys.  Our kids are far to old now to take pictures of them in the tub.  But the bath bombs I used this year were well....da bomb.  They had little Christmas squinkies in side. The kids loved them;)  ANd even Ava still enjoys Christmas bath night, she said, "I forgot how much fun it is to play with toys in the bath tub."  LOL

Day 17- God created the world in seven days...the entire world in seven days.  Not only did he make each person unique, he made all of nature unique.  Look at how many different types of animals, of birds, of fish....have you ever wondered why he didn't just make one type of tree or one type of grass?  He is infinitely creative!  Do you knwo that no two snowflake are alike?  Millions of snowflakes fall each year and no two are alike.  Today we will learn a fwe facts about snow flakes and then we'll make some of our own!

Look at the concentration on these faces;)

Benefit of traditions I suppose is practice make near close to perfect!

I lvoe this because Christian and Chloe proudly hang their snowflakes underneath Ava's.  They are just as proud of theirs;)  Oh that the confidence of children would never dissipate!

Not sure if Phin didn't want his by Ava's or just wants his own space.  He likes to march to the beat of his own drum.  He is definitely a kid who values his individuality;)

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