Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Advent Day 10- RUDOLPH

Advent Day 10-
Here is a riddle- what is red, round, and glows?  That's right, you're so smart!....It's Rudolph's Nose! Let's eat some food and watch his show!  

Rudolph is a Christmas classic.  It's easy to focus on the silly song and the nostalgic animation, but there is also a sweet lesson about not excluding others or judging those difference from us.  The bible tells us every one is fearfully and wonderfully made by our greatCreator.  Rudolph is a fictional tale, but leads to great conversation about times each kid has felt like a misfit, that Marc and I have felt like misfits.  We challenge ourselves to be on the lookout for people being excluded just because the look different or like different things that others around them.  It's a good reminder to look outside ourselves and ask God to show us the beauty and gifts in each person around us, even if they could not be more different from us!

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