Monday, December 2, 2019

Advent Day 2- It's Christmas PJ time!

 What is advent without delight?  Delight will be plenty on this advent night.  What's cozy and silly all wrapped up in fun?  A Christmas PJ photoshoot is an advent home run!

We have been wearing Christmas PJ's before they were easy to find everywhere.  I used to pay a LOT more for them and only a few stores carried them.  I love all the options available and all the deals to be found!  This year a facebook ad way back in September sucked me in....Golden State Warriors Christmas Pajamas.  Ridiculous and perfect;)

Phineas, dear child number two, is a tough nut to crack.  He is kind and polite and obedient most of the time.  He's also introverted and doesn't easily spill his heart.  He connects, like many men do, through shared experiences.  One way we connect is through reading classic books together at night, but I needed more connection with him, so I have become knowledgable about basketball.  I watch games with and without him and I watch Sports Center on the regular.  I am gaining knowledge of football and beginning to enjoy it.  I have always loved basketball, so I have just tried to take a dive into all the facts he is so interested in.  We followed the draft and all the team swapping that went on in the NBA this summer.  Phin appreciates so many players in the NBA so we have quite a few teams he'll root for on any given night, but the team he is most obsessed with is the Golden State Warriors.  I knew when I saw this silly ad, that these PJ's would bless him.

I know, I know, this probably isn't the BEST year to be wearing Warriors PJ's, but fans are fans even in the middle of the worst season ever;)  Phineas was delighted to open up blue and gold this morning: and advent is about hope, so we couldn't help but laugh at the symbolism of the PJ's this year.  If any team needed hope...

And now after that entirely too lengthy explanation as to the origin of our pajamas.....I give you- our silly photo shoot;)

Family fun is always a win...even if the team your reppin' is losing;)

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