Monday, December 9, 2019

Advent Days 4-9

This getting back to blogging thing is going "great"....I'm just six days behind alreadyūü§£  Whatev's!

Day4- What's super sweet and sometimes pretty?   We've done them in the county; we've done them in the city.  It's tradition to make and also to eat.  Phin may say, "Today can't be beat!"  Figure it out?  Do you have enough clues?  We'll paint them red, green, white and blue?

Yes!  Chocolate Lollipop day is here!  Let's make them and share them to bring other's good cheer!

This is hands down Phin's favorite day.  He is a chocaholic!  His lollipops were finished swiftly; he wanted to leave plenty of time for them to harden so he could get a nibble before bed.  He did kindly take time on a couple and brought on of them to his teacher the next morning.  Christian licked as he painted so his are not going to anyone but himself;)  The girls took their time and were thoughtful about each color;)  Ava finished a full hour after everyone else...hers will all be gifts- they are perfection;)

Day 5- 
Let's continue our theme from yesterday....God gave us Jesus, our very best friend! Our Savior!  Our Teacher!  Our God who never ends!  He didn't stop there, he gave us family, friends and more; Let's remember all his gifts as we gift wrap our doors!


We are at a new stage of life.  Ava had Piano and voice lessons and a ton of homework so she said she'd do this activity another day.  She has not, which is fine; it's all fun anyway.  It is definitely foreshadowing the future.  I try to savor each moment, I know as they grow they will get busier, they will naturally pull away, the nostalgia and joy they still find in these simple activities may disappear in the teen years.  Each stage will have it's joys, I am trying very hard to purposefully embrace all the joy of this season and hold my hand open to receive what each day brings.

Day 6-
Your're not left behind while we catch a plane! Let's face it, the mere thought would make mom go insane!  Still tonight, Mom and Pap have a party to attend, so you'll have you here with your siblings like you would with your friends.  You'll camp out, beds all over the floor; there'll be pizza and pepsi and popcorn galore!  Home Alone for a short little bit, you'll watch Kevin's antics and they're always a hit!

Marc's work Christmas party was tonight.  We left the kids "Home Alone" tonight with Ava in charge.  We've done it lots during daytime hours; this was the first after dark departure.  They did awesome....Definitely feel like we just realized we have a whole new level of freedom.

Ava is the best.  She kindly took a photo of us before we left:

AND she took photos of the kids doing Home Alone night; she totally gets me;)

Day 7-

We have mroe than we need; we have more than we know.  It's time for some of these things to GO!  Let's give much thoughts to our closets and rooms.  

Let's purge!  Let's Donate!  Let's give things away!  Then we'll go have some time for Christmas play.

I make the kids purge every year.  This year, afterwards we ended the day with family game night- one of MY favorite nights;)

Day 8-

Saint Nicholas day is Decemeber 6, but a planned Christmas party made it a miss.  So today we'll remember this historical man.  We'll watch a movie and read a book or two and then we'll go and give to others like Saint Nicholas would do. 

No pictures from this day;)  We do random and secret acts of kindness so taking pictures would take away the secret aspect;)

Day 9-

God is so creative, just take a look around.  Not a place you can glance where his handiwork isn't found.  We can't make the world just by speaking a word, we can't make a dog or tree or a bird.  But we can use our creativity, a reflection of his, to make GINGERBREAD HOUSES- it's fun, it is!

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