Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday- week two;)

No pictures, just a quick update;)

Things continue to go well.  I know we are blessed with how well Christian is transitioning.  I would by lying, however, if I said it was easy.  I AM TIRED:)

I definitely had a moment on Monday where I thought, "Okay, God, I am ready to have a break.  I don't want to do this anymore."  In the same moment, I wouldn't have let anyone take Christian from our home;)  It's just reality and such feelings aren't foreign to me.  I've felt such things after each of my babies was born and many times since.  Motherhood is hard.  Everyone needs me...ALL THE TIME.  Self care is just hard and I would LOVE to just have a day to take a hot bath and watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice beginning to end...while eating chocolate and drinking tea, please.

Such a day isn't going to happen for a LONG time;) so I didn't mope long...it was only about 2 minutes actually...there's no luxury of time here at the moment.  I have two minutes to shower or use the rest room by myself and that's it;).  I knew before we brought Christian home such moments would come and in them, I have a choice to spiral down and start to hate the world around or to pray for strength.  I don't want to chose option one.  I KNOW I can't do this on my own.  Knew it with three kids, know it with four.  My grumpiness helps no one, including myself, so I prayed, God answered.  We're doing thing thing!

Christian has an ear infection, so the last couple days have been a little extra labor intensive for mommy.  He's needing to be held even more than normal...sister Chloe doesn't like this so much.  We're working through it and it's going okay.

We were very happy that Christian was VERY warm to Marc after his first day back at work.  That was wonderful.  It's interesting, Christian wants mom for all food related things, sleep, cuddles, etc.  He loves to play with Papa and interestingly he only likes to practice English words with Papa.  He doesn't repeat much of what I ask him to.  He repeats EVERYTHING with Marc.  It's quite adorable.  I wonder if it's because Marc speaks a bit of french and Christian feels a language bond?  Either way, it's cool they are developing their own special relationship.

Ava seems to be doing the best kid wise.  She is just loving having Christian around.

Prayer Requests, for those people whose prayers are literally sustaining us right now!
1) Sleep- we've had a couple bad nights since ear infection, but we're on antibiotics now, so praying for a good nights sleep.

2) Probably because of lack of sleep, my mild cold went hard core today.  I feel pretty crap...pray for healing.

3) Chloe.  I don't know if she's getting sick or having a hard time with Christian.  Asking for wisdom in how to balance reassurance with proper boundaries for her.  Pray for her heart and her body;)

4) Marc as he figures out the work/life balance during this transition.


  1. I'm inspired and encouraged by the fact that you're talking to yourself rather than listening to yourself---that even amidst the weariness and craziness, you're reminding yourself of who Christ is and who you are in Him. Praying for His continued strength in and through you, friend. We love you and miss you lots. With you... xoxo

  2. Ah yes, here it is! I think I was becoming so used to you posting the blog updates on your FB, that I didn't even think to just check the blog itself. Prayers for you friend!