Sunday, October 6, 2013

Enjoying some "firsts"

Christian is doing so well and though we KNOW all the books say to cocoon for 6 weeks we are making a few exceptions.  Why? 1) The kid is an adventurer.  He LOVES to get in the car and go places  and 2) we are going INSANE with four kids in this house (though our playset arrives tomorrow so that should help).

We aren't going to go crazy with outings.  Even though he LIKES to be out he gets very overwhelmed so our only public outing for the most part will be church.  He likes the music.  He is still overwhelmed by other people talking to him;)  He's cute...he draws attention, but every time someone comes up and pats his head or back, he tightly pinches my back like he's hanging on for dear life.  He always seems thrilled when we get back in the car;)  Today he was singing a song in Kreyol on the way home...wish we knew the words.  We also couldn't help but wonder if it was a comforting song after being overwhelmed?  It was cute regardless.

Yesterday, we decided to visit my parents at their house.  They have been stopping by every day or so for a short time so he can get to know them without being overwhelmed and it's worked well.  He was nervous about going into the house but happy to see them.  He was INTRIGUED but terrified of their dog.  Jack is a great dog, so a good introduction to dogs in general, but Christian was very nervous around him.  He loved to watch him but didn't want to pet him or get too close.  When we were eating he seemed to forget about Jack and then noticed Jack right under his booster seat.  He FREAKED out.  I couldn't calm him so I had to let him sit on my lap.  Once on my lap, he found it hilarious that Jack would eat the food he threw down.  Not sure any good lessons were learned there;)

For dinner, we picked up McD's for the kids on the way over.  I have been struggling with an appetite with this cold and McD's sounded awful.  Boston Market was next door, however, so for the adults we picked up a family meal (we'd already promised the kids McDs).  At dinner, we set up the kids and prayed and then dished up our plates.  Christian was gnawing on a nugget, when he noticed my plate.  His face perked up, he literally pushed his food away and said, "Mama!" loudly while pointing to my food, clearly indicating he wanted that instead.  He loved it.  He wants to eat all the chicken skin, which cracks me up and is a good reminder to me to let him be Haitian.  I've never eaten chicken skin in my life.  "Forget that processed American fast food crap, give me chicken, sweet potatoes, and Mac and Cheese, please, Mom."

Diggin' the chicken wing:)

McD's fries totally remained untouched and went into the trash when dinner was done...perhaps where they belong?;)

After we ate, we went down to the basement playroom, and left the dog upstairs.  Immediately Christian squealed with delight.  My mom has enough toys to run a daycare is kid heaven and he knew it immediately.

And then my dad brought out a whoopee cushion...and as you might expect, potty humor spans all cultures when you are two;)

It was hard to wait for his turn to sit on it;)

 Ha ha!

My kiddos and my parents....lots of my heart in this picture;)

We also decided today to go to Chili's for lunch.  This may seem crazy but we are well aware that at 11:00am- Chili's is still deserted.   It was.  He was not even nervous when I put him in the high chair.  We were alone in the section we were in so it was low stress and nice to eat out;)  I don't think it means we can take him to a crowded restaurant any time soon, but again it was one of those moments where life feels normal again and it was a blessing;)  (AND there was no cooking, set up or clean up...the best part for a mama!)

Totally not related to the title, but fun moments from this very day:

- At Chili's the hostess sat us and immediately commented on Chloe's "adorable curls".  Chloe responded with, "I have a clip in it, but my mom didn't have time to brush it today."  I started laughing and said, "It's true we were running late for church."  That would have only been minimally embarrassing, but then Ava chimed in, "yay, we were so late she put baby powder in my hair cuz it's greasy but we couldn't wash it."  AH!  EXPOSED!  I totally was behind this morning and didn't have time to shower Ava so we used this little trick before putting her hair in a pony.  The waitress laughed, but you KNOW she was totally thinking I'm not a great mom- LOL;)  I do bathe my kids regularily and I usually DO Chloe's hair...why do I get no credit on those days;)?

-  This is what Chloe was running around the yard in when it's 50 degrees outside.  There WAS a skirt on over these monkey bar shorts when she headed out, but apparently she got hot;)

-And Christian has a bit of wisconsin in him already;)


  1. two words. dry shampoo! suave makes it (as do others, but suave is cheap). it comes in a can that looks like arosole hairspray. works miracles!

  2. I love reading how your family is doing. I'm amused that whoopee cushion humor transcends culture.

  3. Love seeing your parents in the pics!:0)

  4. *Ditto the whoopie cushion comment :-).
    *Let your parents know they look very young.
    *I'm still enjoying reading how your first weeks are going and dreaming of what it will be like when we bring Morino home :-)