Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is my son picking up poop from under our playset.  The problem?  We do not have a dog; it is HIS poop.  He developed a love of peeing outside this summer and I've been trying to get him not to do it, but still see him sneak behind the trees from time to time.  Today I looked outside to see Chloe standing with her pants around her ankles.  Immediately, I opened the window and said, "What are you doing?!"  She said, "I am going to go poop."  To which I replied, "You most certainly are not.  Pull up your pants rignt now.We poop in toilets."  She started crying and said, "Phin gets to poop outside."  When I said "he does not."  She informed me, "he just pooped by the picnic table." Sure enough, the smirk on his face told me she was correct.  I made him pick it up and take it to the toilet.  This is disgusting....how in the world I am going to survive TWO boys?!


  1. You know, you don't have to post pics for ALL of your posts. This one might be an example where you shouldn't feel obligated. :-)

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