Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adventures with our little cutie.

I can't even articulate how well Christian just FITS into our family.  The kid is just as crazy as the rest of us, loves to be the center of attention, never gets enough of laughter, and if full of life and joy.  I am continually amazed at how very natural this all feels.  Adoption is miraculous on so many levels.  I find myself just continually amazed at how "mine" Christian is and he's only been home two weeks.

It is great fun to continue to get to know him and watch him experience life here.  Here are a few of my favorite moments this week:

1)  Christian was TERRIFIED to sit down in the bathtub.  His first bath home lasted about two minutes.  I made him sit down because standing isn't safe and he SCREAMED in terror.  I quickly washed his body and head and got him out of there.  I was sure that bath times were going to be painful for a while.  He didn't cry until I made him sit down, so I quickly surmised that he had never sat in water...makes sense since water in Haiti is a)full of bacteria and b)unheated.  Still our tub is slippery so I felt we had to teach him to sit from day one.  After that bath, I had him watch Chloe and Phin bath and see how much fun they had.  The second bath, he sat down immediately but him whimpered and fussed...until I dumped a pitcher of warm water down his back.  He stopped whimpering and seemed to think, "Wait, that feels rather nice."  He then grabbed the pitcher and dumped it repeatedly on himself.  Tonight, the third bath (if you aren't aware black skin is MUCH more dry than white, so yes, this was only the third bath in a week and a half), he sat down HAPPILY and didn't want to get out of the tub!

Bath Number two:  "Hmm...this warm water thing might not be so bad"

Bath number three:  "This is awesome"


2)  Christian LOVES his bike helmet and never wants to take it off!
Bike helmets, so we can be safe!

Cheese sticks can be mighty dangerous you know!

HELMETS ARE FUN, you should try them!

You never know, guys, sidewalk chalk can get crazy...

Hey, don't laugh, what if there is a food fight? real excuse for TV watching with my helmet on...I just love it, okay?!

3)  He is terrified of Marc's FiveFinger shoes.  Marc had them on this morning and all seemed normal.  He was throwing Christian up in the air, they were laughing and playing and only when Marc set him down did Christian notice his feet.  He immediately startled,  backed up and started to cry.  When Marc tried to show him they were shoes, it only made matters worse.  Marc had to remove the shoes.  Poor kid, Hannah and I could not stop laughing.  (I mean something about seeing a little kid startle and back up is just funny, you know it is!)

These shoes are freakin' weird.  I wonder if Christian though Marc's feet turned black...crazy AMERICANS!

Poor kid;)

4)  While at Ava and Phin's swim lesson, he saw his first fish tank.  He was SO excited and mesmerized!

5)  Christian LOVES the sensory table, which is currently filled with beans.  He doesn't watch much TV, so this handy dandy table lets me get a shower or a quiet time.  It is fun but also incredible good for development and it's very soothing!
6)  Our new normal just makes me smile on a regular is just amazing how complete our family feels now!

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  1. Yippee for each and every milestone!!! I remember Nora's turning point with the tub as well! Such a beautiful thing to see as these kiddos learn to trust! And, what a riot - the biking helmet is quite the look for that little man of yours! Praying that you are on the mend and getting rest!