Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Trick or Treat;)

I have mixed feelings about Halloween.  I do every year.  I will save you from a full rant on how horrible it is that we put little kids in Jack the Ripper costumes and then act surprised when they shoot each other in schools.  We serve them bread sticks disguised as bloody fingers and eye balls in their punch and then are stunned when they act violent.  We make horrible gore and crime "cute" and then act appalled when it happens in reality.  I could go on and on and on...this is the part of Halloween that truly enrages me.  Still, I love that all the neighbors are out, I love cute kids dressed as animals or princesses who woke up at the crack of dawn and have been counting down every minute until they start hitting candy jack pot.  I love how excited they get when the candy they are given is "awesome" and how good they can be at manners when sweets are involved.  Every year as the gory decorations come out or someone posts some creepy picture of their child acting like Jeffery Dahmer, I want to puke and move to a different county, but every year I try to block it out and remember the good things- community actually at play, the joy of elderly persons' faces when a toddler rings their doorbell with a "twick or tweet", how adorable little puffy costume kids are, candy, candy corn, happy pumpkins with warm glowing lights . We do it, cuz they good outweighs the bad.  We skip the houses that glorify the grotesque and we celebrate life, community, and innocence.

I had great aspirations of homemade costumes, but alas we picked stuff out from the dress up closet in the basement about an hour before Trick or Treating was to begin.
You think some one's a bit excited?:)

 We have hulk, a turtle, peacock princess, and a cat princess.

 I mentioned earlier on facebook, I have the cutest kids on the block;)

During dinner, Phin spotted a rainbow- it was vibrant and gorgeous and a little gift from God in the midst of this dreary day.

First stop- the neighbors:)  Christian quickly realized "This is AWESOME" and got the hang of Trick or Treat in about two houses:) 

Umbrellas made it a bit hard to maneuver around doors and each other;)

Christian really liked getting the candy, but wasn't so fond of having to put it in his bag:) and quickly the water got the best of our spirits. 

We came home to plan B...trick or treating inside our house.  I had the kids go door to door in the house;)
Ar first they were like, "Why do we have to knock on your bedroom?"

Once candy is involved, it doesn't take them long to get into the fun;)

They were giggling as I ran ahead from room to room...I think this may have been the best part of the day;)

A certain little guy, may have a few "adoption issues"  he was not about to let anyone else handle his candy.  He was clinging to each piece for dear life.  He's never seen such bounty;)  He did finally let me put it in the bag, when I gave him two open pieces, one for each hand;)

In the final room, I gave them Glow in the Dark silly string I had stored away for a special occasion...

 It was worth getting back out in the wet for a little Silly String fun;)

My kids were ill behaved due to sugar high and we didn't get very many Trick or Treaters so my plan to have the best candy on the street has become, "what is the world do I do with a hundred full size candy bars?" but it was a good day nonetheless...memories, laughter, and a rainbow to boot;)

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