Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rainbow Brite

Does anyone remember Rainbow Bright? I remember watching it with my sisters and coveting my neighbors doll;) It was magical and colorful and fun.

I have apparently given birth to Rainbow Bright herself! (How I wish it were still around! I'll have to check the library for old videos.)
I had a hard time laughing when she came out of her room today, skipping no less! I said, through a smile, "Well, aren't we colorful today!" To which she replied, "I woke up feeling like a rainbow this morning." I'm guessing that means she got up on the RIGHT side of the bed;)


  1. We'll need to introduce her to my dd, Iris! :o) I'm thinking they might be kindred spirits!

    Amy (from church)

  2. Ok, she looks just like Karla to me here - minus the outfit!