Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Got It!!

Chloe is cute, really cute. There is just one problem, she is not photogenic. It has been nearly impossible to capture her cuteness on camera! I want to remember her at this stage, as she is, and yet when we snap pictures, they don't look like our happy, charming baby girl.

Illustration #1: Completely happy baby becomes deer in the headlights at mere sight of the big black camera.

The other day, I thought I finally was fast enough and squealed with delight. I finally captured a smile. The only problem was, I was SO excited I cut off half her face:P

But TODAY, TODAY was the day. She finally adjusted to the large foreign object in her face and gave me a smile. AND I GOT IT!!

I was so happy I guess she caught on and gave me her all out cheesiest grin.

When one sees this pictures, they don't have to wonder why I am in love with this little one. Just imagine, every time I nurse her she gives me these adorable smiles when she catches my eye. Her name means "verdant, vibrant" and I think she's going to live up to it!

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