Thursday, August 19, 2010

Officially a Mom of Three

I am officially a mom of three. Chloe is already two months and any mom with a couple kids can understand why I haven't updated my blog until now- except of course the supermoms, but remember I affectionately call myself a takes me two months.

Chloe is adorable. Let's start with what is most important- she's sleeping well. (In my world, if one can sleep a bit a night, life is doable.) She is cuddly and cute and eats like a champ. She is pretty laid back on one hand, but let me tell you if she has a desire to eat, she goes from 0 to "LOST MY TEMPER" in 2 seconds flat. I am guessing this temper will continue to manifest itself in various ways throughout her life:) It's kind of cute now...but I can see the novelty wearing off when words start accompanying the crying.

The other kids are doing remarkably well! Phin is still pretty much a baby himself, so he is a little needier than he used to be now that my attention is divided, but he hasn't been aggressive or angry at the baby. He adores her, constantly telling us she's cute and making sure EVERYONE knows the minute she starts to cry. He loves to hug and kiss her...he just hasn't gotten gentleness down quite yet, so he sucks her face (I wish I had a picture of this though it would totally gross them out when they get older!) and lays on top of her to give full body hugs. We definitely cannot leave her unattended on the floor;)

Ava is a big helper- most days:) She's definitely had some adjustment too. She started coming to sleep in our room at night and was doing a bit of sleep walking and complaining of belly aches now and then. With a little more "special time" set aside and bribes, she's staying in her room, has started sleeping better and seems over the belly aches. You may criticize the bribing, but let me tell you when you baby is sleeping and your 4 year old wakes you struggle with anger during the middle of the night! I put a mason jar on the counter and cotton balls in a bag. Every night she stays in her room, she gets to put in three cotton balls; when the jar is full we'll take her to the water park. Thank God, the jar is almost full and mommy is much happier!

I do have to admit that the TV is on a bit more than it used to be. If it weren't, there would be many times that I'd be bouncing baby while having two others hanging on me and while I AM adjusting well, I do have my limits. I tend to get easily annoyed, say when I am nursing the baby and two other little heads are also an inch from my bare boob. There are just a few moments when I need a bit of for this season we are using the TV and certain distracting toys. This too shall pass...and hopefully their brain cells will survive.

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