Monday, August 30, 2010

Death Wish?

My son is cute, really cute and full of more mischief than I ever could have imagined!! His antics seems to ebb and flow. I am thankful that we get little breaks here and there, but lately he's been on a rampage;)

Last week, we were in Ava's room playing nicely. I turned my back on him to teach Ava how to make hospital corners with her top sheet on her bed. I finish and see than little man is chewing something. I promptly say, "Phin, what's in your mouth?" To which he just replied, "GOOD!" I reach to try and get whatever it is out and there is nothing left. It is at that point I see the open and spilled bottle of my Mother-in-Laws Zicam (they were visiting and her suitcasewas on the floor). ARGH! I counted the tablets as I put them back in the bottle. 17 tablets. The bottle said it originally contained 25 and they were "rapid melt tabs". There was no false marketing on that one, let me tell you! A quick call to poison control ensured they were nontoxic (which I was pretty sure of as there was no child proof cap and they are basically just zince, but always play it safe around here.)

Not twenty minutes later, I was washing dishes with Phin at my feet playing his tupperware drum. He opened the cabinet underneath me (those child-proof locks don't even slow this one down!). I am careful not to keep anything too dangerous down there, because this is, of course, not the first time he foiled our efforts to keep the cabinet "locked". I just took a couple seconds to finish the plate I was on and when i looked down to close the cabinet, He was spraying himself....with CLOROX! AHHH! Unfortunatley, having guest in your home sometimes means they put things where they don't go;P Luckily, he only ruined his favorite Elmo shirt and managed to avoid his face and eyes. It was too close a call for my comfort on that one!
Finally, he wanted to ensure we didn't thing we could get off that easy and then next day ran out to the grill to say "HI!" to his papa. He reached for the grill faster than Marc could react and this time escaped no danger. He now knows firsthand what "HOT!" really means. He feels quite sorry for his little self and keep showing me his "owie". (Thankfully Marc DID react fast enough so he only got a second degree burn on his ring and pink fingers.)

Here is his pitiful "look at my owie" face:

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  1. Oh my goodness! I feel exhausted just hearing about Phin's antics-you'll have so many stories for him when he's older :)This blog is a good journal for you also!