Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally Friends

Anyone who knows Ava well, knows she developped an intense fear of flies two years ago. She was swarmed (no exaggeration) by hundreds walking to the car from the ice cream stand. It was gross and a little overwhelming to Marc and I; to a two year old it was down right terrifying. We've been working with her ever since to overcome her fear. Apparently, this is one area of our parenting in which we've been successful.

Yesterday, she did NOT want Marc to get the fly in her room. Below is the conversation:

Ava: You don't have to get him, Papa, we're friends.
Me (with a smile): Oh really, what do you say to each other?
Ava (very matter of fact): We don't say anything, Mom, but we sure are friends. I've been watching him fly around.

Sometimes it is little sweet, simple conversations that are the highlight of my day. I almost melted when she said, "we sure are friends." She is talking so grown up now;)

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  1. Your kids are so cute...and you have a way with words. Congrats on Chloe!!! Staying busy?;o)Thanks for stopping by my blog.:0) Always nice when someone stops by and leaves a comment. We have had SO many flies in the house this summer! They're driving me crazy!