Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well worth it;)

I am extremely glad that my head ruled my decision making today. Initially, waking the family a bit early from naps meant about 10 minutes of crying and grumping...not by Marc, but by the little girl whom we were TRYING to do something special for. We almost decided not to go, but had some compassion on her because we knew she was awakened from her beauty rest.

Thankfully, a few minutes into the car ride, she perked up and remained a perky pleasant little thing for the remainder of the day. We had an amazing time at Toy Story. The 3D took her a couple minutes to get used to. It was adorable to watch her try to catch snowflakes during previews or squeal with delight to see Cinderella's Castle "right" infront of her before the movie began. She wasn't too fond of Toy Story 1, however; she kept saying "I don't want them to touch me" and let's be honest Sid, the evil neighbor kid, is a little creepy, even in 2D. She actually has only read the book to Toy Story 1, but she did enjoy it enough to want to stay for number 2.

Watching Toystory 2, was just one of those times I HOPE I never forget. There sat Ava holding her Woody and Jesse dolls, clapping and giggling and talking to the screen (despite numerous "ssshh"s from her parents). She was in heaven. This is a movie she has seen ATLEAST 50 times, but experiencing it in 3D was like seeing it anew. It was WAY worth the grumpy 10 minutes and even surpassed the solitude of the naptime that was cut short. There is truly NOTHING like seeing your kid tinkled pink, full of joy, experiencing life to the fullest.



  1. My mom wants to Anni- maybe we will go too!! Anni has never been to any movie theater :) SO glad you had a fab time!!

  2. Wish I could have been there! What a fun experience! Karla