Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a bit too tired...

I have so much to blog about, I suppose, but so little energy to do it;) I am T-I-R-E-D! Long before this little teeny baby was developping inside and sapping all my doggone energy, I had signed up and agreed to far too many things in October.
I was stressed looking at my calendar when I was in top form, so I don't even know what to call the feeling I got when looking at my calendar after finding out I was pregnant! I am happy we made it through, actually! Truth be told I would NOT have made it through at all except for my husband- who literally picked up ALL my slack and then some.
He deserves a bit of an ego stroke! He has been amazing- give him a cape and tights folks, cuz he is definitely a superhero. (Last Friday he sent me to bed at 8, saying I looked "awful", and he stayed up cleaning and prepping for Phin's first birthday...see? a hero.)

Anywho- I have a lot of cute pictures from the past few days, so in lieu of writing I am just going to give you little peeks into the cuteness of my children....
THURSDAY 10/22- I visited Ava's preschool class:
Here is Ava "play acting" the book A Stubborn Pumpkin with her class. Because it was her "special day" (ie. mom was in the class room), she was the pumpkin.
Here is Ava with her other teacher, Miss McCrary. She will draw the pumpkin, but first is working with Miss McCrary to examine all aspects of the pumpkin. First she noted it was a circle and then drew a circle, then she noticed the lines down the pumpkin and drew them, finally she drew the stem before painting it orange and green. It was so interesting to see how you teach art to a three year old.
Here is Ava with her two buddies at the art station. All three are into drawing rainbows and tracing their hands. It was cute to watch them each earnestly coloring away.
SATURDAY: Phin's First Birthday party.

Phin's Auntie Katie made him a very special birthday shirt.

He is ONE:)

Here is Phin's "Giraffe" cake before he had his hands on it and in it.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON- Birthing Class comes over for Halloween Party. (We still get together about once a month with our birthing class from our pregnancy with Ava- we've known them almost 4 years now!)

No doubt about it- they are NO longer babies;)

MONDAY- While still recovering from our weekend, Phin had his first Spaghetti experience;)

He was one HAPPY little boy!


  1. I love the pictures! Keep posting them :-) Sorry about the exhaustion...I'll have to be praying for strength and patience for you :)

  2. love the pics!! Phin is adorable, sorry we coudl not be there!! Ava's costume is sooo cute! Hope Nov is a bit more relaxed and includes less being sicky :)