Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hair Today, but maybe be not tomorrow!

I was in desperate need of a hair cut and such. My highlights had grown out so much that I was embarrassed to wear my hair down. Unfortunately I didn't make it a priority to get it done, so I was almost sheepish going in today; I was sure someone would say, "Girl, you KNOW you should have been in a couple months ago!"

In prepping for todays hair appointment, I had quite a chat with myself. I always get really great haircuts. The problem is, I hate to blow dry and straighten my hair. I hate it. This leads to my trademark hairstyle- a pony tail. When I went in today, I said to Natalie, "I need something wash and go; what can we do with my waves?" She said, "waves? Kim, you have straight up curly hair." I was kind of surprised, though I have noticed increased kinks and waves with each pregnancy. Today she cut it into a curly style and defused it. I am freakin'. I can't believe this is my natural hair. I don't know if I'll keep doing it curly; the syle she gave me can still be straightened...and I am afraid I might still resort to the pony.

My hubby thinks it's great to wear the hair God gave me. I am not so sure. Honest comments more than welcome...oh and please excuse the pale face; I don't like to take time for makeup either. Any spare time and I rather grab a really good book:P (I think my sisters wonder where this LaPine girl came from!)

(This is a terrible angle, but I am snappin' myself and not too good at it, obviously!)
Addendum- so, I can't do it- I feel like a 12 year old. My hair ended up in a pony tail by the evening and I'm going to try this cut straight tomorrow. We'll see...


  1. I like the curls. I always wanted them (or some body to be honest) so you should go with it!

  2. Oh, I LOVE them. You should keep iut, as they suit you. I guessd though I might be a bit biased toward the curls! :)

  3. you are SO beautiful, pony tail, curls, blow-dry, or whatever!

  4. Kim - just so you know it happened to Amy and I as well after our fourth pregnancy, but we both lost them after a while. Who knows, pregnancy does do weird things to a person. : )

  5. I LOVE it!! Have I ever seen your hair down? Hee! Hee!

  6. I think you have great hair no matter what-its cute curly-maybe you'll feel better about it once it grows out longer- shorter may be the reason you feel like a twelve year old? I don't opinion is that I like your hair BEST all one length when you straighten it. Either way, you look GOOD! :)