Monday, October 12, 2009

"Oh be careful little mouth what you say..."

Some very close friends of our had a tragedy hit their family last week. Ava is quite attuned to the goings on and feelings experienced in our house. We think we are speaking safely in our room and she apparently overhears. She started asking questions about why her friend had to go on an airplane and what happened. I know enough to answer only the questions they ask. I just told her her friends uncle had an accident and he died. She seemed very satisfied with this answer initially, but as always, her mind kept working. She came back to me a little bit later and said, "Mommy, did that man died because he had a poop accident or a pee one?"

Oh my! Thank God she verbalized that question!...Can you just imagine a little kid walking around thinking you can die from going potty in your pants?!

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