Saturday, September 24, 2011

Silly Supper- Take One

Eventually I will get a moment to sit down and find a way to articulate all God has been doing within my heart of late. In a million ways, it seems, he is leading me to take steps to live more intentionally. As a mom, I often see an idea or think of one on my own, but find it is hard to get ideas from my head to our home. I am realizing that I equated creativity with being spontaneous and in reality it doesn't usually work that way. I need to put forth more planning and preparation to implement the ideas floating around in my head. I am taking small steps to actively do that.
Today I began implementing "Silly Supper" day. I love planning birthday parties; it is undoutedly one of my favorite aspects of motherhood. When meditating on this, I realized I can do similar things on a small scale in our every day lives to continue trying to make our home a place of celebration and memory making.

Today was Silly Supper #1- Ratatouille night!

My kids LOVE the movie, so tonight we had a themed dinner followed by a movie viewing.

First, I found an easy way to make the kids chef's hats here. (They are SUPER easy- as in took me less than an hour to make 5). I then printed pictures of Remi to place on the hats. (If you've not seen the movie, Remi the rat hides inside Linguini's (the man) hat. He pulls his hair as if it were marionette strings and thereby "cooks" through Lingiuni.)

We had to have wine and cheese...the "wine" being grape juice, of course, and well, Baby Bell is as gourmet as my kids get with cheese;)

My favorite chefs in the entire world!

Food took me a minute of brain storming. Ratatouille seems an obvious choice but a)I don't think my kids would eat it and b) it isn't the only food prominent in the movie. I decided on soup since that is the first food Remi made for Linguini and started the ball rolling on their cooking partnership. Then I had a light bulb moment of genius that I still giggle over. We would put linguine in our chicken soup instead of egg noodles and called our supper "Soup with Linguine". (Get it Linguine as in the noodle, but a nod to the way Remi and the man named Linguine made soup together....ah, I love it!)

This is me and Ava declaring, "Linguine" in a french accent!

Because I wanted the kids to help, but didn't trust them with sharp knives, we used the food processor.

My husband usually has no trouble cutting onions, but how hilarious is THIS! Apparently contacts are normally a kind of barrier. (His chef hat was a little small so this is his ridiculous way to keep it on.) He's lucky women aren't turned on by sight- ha ha!

Me and my chefs, adding water to our pot, cup by cup, alternating turns.

The "wine" was a big hit. No surprise-they love to do cheers and they love grape juice. Phin was adorable and so amazed that we were letting him drink from a glass cup....and my precious boy was very careful. NO ACCIDENTS!!!

Adding our veggies to our pot.

Tada! Soup with Linguine.

Silly Supper #1- an absolute success. My heart is filled with joy. My children went to bed with tummies full of food and faces shining with delight. My husband sits beside me and says, "well done." My cup runneth over.


  1. Love it! Looks like you guys had a fabulous day of loving and memory-making! Enjoy the rest of the evening with your man... ~ Nikki

  2. How fun!!! Love all the pics....what a wonderful day you cooked up for your family.:0) How often are silly suppers? I look forward to hearing about being more intentional.....similar thoughts have been going through my head lately. --Anna

  3. Awesome! Good job Kim. Creativity takes a LOT of planning and trial and error. I'm so glad you did this. I'm going to steal the idea! Maybe my kids will eat something healthy. I can call my supper "stealthy healthy". Yeah, I wouldn't touch it either. So fun!

  4. Such a cute idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the next Silly Supper!