Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Adventures with Hootie

Ava's class has a little mascot. Hootie the Owl. This year everyone will get a turn to bring Hootie home for two nights and write of their adventures with Hootie is Hootie's journal. Hootie and the journal will be auctioned off at next year's school auction.

Hootie came to our house this week. He didn't fit into my "weekly plan" that I so diligently organized on the weekend. No his visit threw a wrench in the works and reminded me, yet again, that plans of mothers must be held loosely. Hootie will only come once (from my understanding anyway) and he doesn't visit on weekends. We had yesterday afternoon and today to make Hootie's visit memorable- a tast very important to my VERY excited 5 year old. We will work on writing his adventures this evening, but as I just sent all our photos away to Walgreens, I thought I'd upload them here, as well. Enjoy our visit from Hootie. Captions of the photos are in Ava's words and will be exactly what she will record under each photo in Hootie's journal. The pictures that do not have Ava in them were taken by Ava for this project. She did very well;)

Ava and Hootie (I took this picture myself)

We had Pizza for lunch.

We played with Hootie in our Bean Table. He tried to eat some of the beans. It was funny.

Hootie met all my stuffed animals. He was very happy with them.

I showed Hootie all my earrings.

My mommy helped me and Hootie make him a Green Bay Packers sleeping bag.

Hootie LOVES his sleeping bag. It fits just right and is very soft.

Hootie really liked my Guy.

Hootie thought the bathtub in my Barbie house was just his size.

When we went to Target, we brough Hootie. He road in the cart with Chloe.

I brought Hootie with me to Awana. I am in Sparks and I love it.

I brushed my teeth. Hootie did not. He does not have teeth.

Hootie slept with me at bedtime.

While I was in school, Phin took care of Hootie.

We went to feed the goats. I didn't let Hootie feed the goats himself, I did it. I did not want the goats to eat Hootie.

We took Hootie to Walmart and we got to look at the Fish.

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