Monday, September 19, 2011

Ta Da!

Ava lost her first tooth! We've been waiting for the moment for weeks and it came, as most things do, completely unexpectedly.
We were away for the weekend: Marc and I with adult friends and the kids with my parents. Phin has a nasty cold and yesterday was quite rainy. We had a long ride home from Chicago, but I won't bore you with those details. We got home a little before 6 and were unloading the car. Ava decided that was the moment to pull her tooth. She tried on her own first and then followed me around asking for help. I gave it a tug- she broken down in tears, so I suggested we take a break, finish unloading the car, and then focus on her tooth.
When it's your first loose tooth and it is dangling in your mouth, taking a break is apparently not an option. I soon heard SCREAMING from our bedroom; there she had found Marc dropping off suitcases and persuaded him to give it a tug. The screaming subsided to mild crying and soon I had a little girl in back in my kitchen with a hole in her mouth and a tooth in her hand. Wow! Can someone please pause time just a bit?!
She chose to NOT put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy last night. She is keeping it for today so she could show it off at school. I just hope it manages to make it back home.
I asked around, by the way, do you know the tooth fairy leaves a DOLLAR now? I guess she keeps up with inflation. Back in my day- she just left a quarter!


  1. My friends told me that for their first lost tooth their parents left them a TWENTY!!!! Could not believe that. Also, we may have to change dentists because he told Charlotte that when teeth get pulled the tooth fairy leaves FIVE a piece! And at this point, she will need to have 2 teeth pulled-yowza!

  2. Such a cutie! The tooth fairy will have to allocate more money to her budget soon!:0) Our kids got $2 for each front tooth and $1 for all the others. I hope the tooth fairy in your area is a little more on top of things!!! Ours didn't come a time or two and had to pay interest.:0/