Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Settling In

My parents came over the weekend to help us chip away at a few projects. We've lived here almost a year and a half and still have a couple things waiting to be completed. We rarely get to them unless one of our parents visit us. It's just the life stage we are in;)

My mom and I finally peeled off a golfing border from the kids bathroom. I have it decorated in monkeys and had almost forgotten that border didn't match. It was up near the ceiling and who looks up there? I was just so used to it's presence. Recently, a visitor made a comment and I realized we still hadn't pulled that puppy off. My mom and I got it off yesterday and WOW does the bathroom look better. Brighter and more fun....who knew how much those vintage golfers and dark colors on the border actually WERE doing to distract the "fun" effect I was striving for.

My mom and I also painted part of the basement. It's finished but was bland. We painted it blue, put up polka dots and I am waiting on a cute quote to arrive in the mail. We're having an egress window put in in the next couple week. We are hoping to make it brigher and more fun for the kids.

My dad and Marc started work on a MAJOR project;) We have a crawl space that is about 4 ft. high. We haven't shown it to the kids because it was dark and dingy and I didn't want them locking each other in there! My dad and Marc started work to make it into a secret hide out! They had to do some water sealing and them put in electricity. My dad will return this weekend to put up drywall and carpet it. Because it's entrance is four feet up into the wall, they then constructed a fort to gain entry. It will have cool stairs leading up to it and hopefully a slide coming down one side. Underneath them build a house for Chloe to easily access. I can't wait until it's finshed and I can post pictures. It surpasses my dreaming. The kids are going to LOVE it. It's SOOO cool, I'm thinking we need to have regular "come play" times here in the cold Sheboygan winter.;)

I can't tell you how good it feels to be crossing stuff off that list and making our house even more of a home. I want our kids to have beautiful memories here and I love the way Marc and My dad are working their booties off to help make that happen. Thanks GUYS!


  1. How *fun*! Sounds awesome! I love the intentionality with which you love and serve and do life. Praying for you today! ~ Nikki

  2. Playing at your house...yay! Something to look forward to over the long, cold winter!

  3. What a tease! I thought this post would have had some pictures in it! I had to do everything in my power not to scroll all the way down and then you put in the sentence about waiting to put up pics-ugh! Tell them to hurry up. Just kidding!

  4. LOL- I thought the same thing Nicole! I wanted so much to see pictures and kept scrolling down to find them! Hopefully soon! :) Karla