Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sidewalk Art

I have many strengths, art is not one of them. I am the mathmatical brained parent; Marc the artistic one. I crochet and knit- following distinct patterns. He thinks outside the box and can draw like the dickens.

It is on days like today that my children realize they've been a bit deprived this summer by his having to work during the day. It has finished raining so I sent them out with sidewalk chalk (it's THE BEST on wet pavement). When I go out with them, we practice letters and numbers. We may trace our bodies or hands. When Marc goes out, they can have anything they desire drawn before their eyes. They love it; I love the different perspectives they get from each of us.

Exhibit A- my MEAN stick figures;)
Exhibit B- Marc's Alien from Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear
Slinky Dog
The Master and his little protege
Ava's Toy story masterpiece- clearly there is no mistaking which parent she takes after when it comes to artistic skills
And then we have Phin- his artistic skills are yet to be discovered as yet doesn't sit long enough for us to decipher them;)


  1. What fun pics....I love all of them! Your kids are so cute & so artistic! My poor kids-your stick figures are Picasso compared to mine. --Anna

  2. this is hilarious....that picture of Phin with the alien is SO ADORABLE. I love his face expression! -Karla