Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pulling myself up by the boot straps.

I've not had the best day and I have to admit I've been moping around the house a bit. I woke up to Ava whimpering (loudly) in the middle of the night. I waited for her to make her way to our room; when she didn't I began to imagine all kinds of horrible things not the least of which was remembering an Oprah from years ago where a dad heard his teenage daughter whimpering in the middle of the night and upon investigation found a man in her room attacking her. That story ended with the father kickin' the man's booty and saving his sweet girl, but the mere thought of such a situation left me unable to stay in bed (even though Ava's whimpering had subsided). I wanted to wake up Marc, but I had enough of my whits about me to know most likely, it was nothing. Still, as I walked to Ava's room I prayed that God will allow mama bear to come out with a vengeance should I indeed find some person in Ava's room.

Ava was, of course, dreaming. She's a vivid dreamer and has been known to sleep walk (or sleep dance) a time or too. This time the poor thing murmured, "it still hurts" in her sleep. I covered her up and rubbed her back. She settled down.

I on the other hand had adrenaline still surging through my body. My mind wouldn't settle so I had to check the other kids and then lay awake having to pray after every little sound. I never fell back asleep. Never. I've been up since 3am and I am not too happy about it. I had big plans for a productive day but the quickly got waylaid at 9am when my Dove wrapper (YES, it was a 9am "breakout the chocolate" moment) declared, "Give yourself a relaxation break." It was all the encouragement this tired mama needed. I declared right back to the little foil wrapper, "Don't mind if I do" and I grabbed my kindle and sat next to Phin on the couch as he watched Sesame Street and Chloe napped. Ever since I've been kind of mopey 'round here- feelin' sorry for my tired self. It wasn't until a mom from school asked about my blog that I remembered I've had FAR worse days. I mean a little sleep deprivation is NOTHING!

I looked up this old post- roared with laughter that every detail is true and promptly set to work tidying my neglected kitchen.


  1. Ha ha! So hilarious! Love you! You always bring a smile to this tired momma's face!

  2. There are days and then there are DAYS!!!! I hope the other day included chocolate too.:0)