Sunday, December 6, 2009

If you were a fly in my living room last night....

Kim: Ava, come on, honey, it's late. Climb up on the couch so we can do our Advent Book.
Ava: Just a minute mommy, I have to itch my bum.
(Kim gives her a silly look.)
Ava: I like to scratch it when it's itchy and then I like to smell it.

I started laughing so hard I couldn't even get the "that is gross and impolite" out of my mouth. Her complete honesty and innocence literally made me laugh to the point of tears. How entirely gross and yet utterly hilarious. I am SOOO reminding her of that when she is 16 and think she is oh so cool...

(Oh and don't worry- she DID have to wash her hands:)

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  1. You don't know me, I blog hopped from the Dill Boys and Immeasurably more blogs. I am cracking up at this post! CLASSIC!! Part of the reason it cracks me up so much is because a couple of weeks ago I was bathing my niece and my two boys. All of a sudden my niece (who is four) itches herself in the "bum area" and looks at my 5 year old and says, "do you want to smell my fingers?" I about fell over laughing! Kids are soo funny.
    Merry Christmas!