Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Brain

Baby brain is, according to my book, not a real phenomenon. The What to Expect lady says (basically) pregnant ladies forget things because they are self-absorbed.Let me tell you, this made me laugh and laugh hard. A mom with two other children and a husband has no time to be self-absorbed,but nonetheless, my brain in not functioning well at all. I am quite sure I could be certified as an idiot;)

Monday, I ordered Peapod (a grocery delivery service) to save myself the headache of grocery shopping this week. I tried hard to remember what we needed and even double checked myself 'cause I know my mind is less than stellar at the moment. When it didn't arrive on time, despite their reputation for timeliness I called their customer service number. It turns out, I had my OLD address entered. Poor driver was ringing a buzzer at our old condo wondering who would order grocies and then not be home to recieve him. He was kind enough to drive them to our home at the end of his route. He was so nice, I didn't dare tell him that we have lived in THIS house almost TWO years!

One would think I would learn from such a mistake, apparently not- this is where you just may agree that I have reached "idiot" status. Tonight, I was to recieve on order from Dinner By Design. I'd taken advantage of an amazing groupon and gotten a great deal of 6 frozen meals and 3 sides. Their food is TOP quality and saves times on those crazy days. Anywho- by 7 it hadn't arrived. Marc joked, "Maybe you gave them the wrong address again." Couldn't be, could it? Sure enough, they had our wrong address. Granted this time, it was because last time I ordered from them it was when we lived in Chicago and I didn't update it when ordering, but you'd THINK I would have double checked after yesterdays debacle? OH MY! They haven't called me back yet, I am not so certain they'll be quite as nice as the Peapod guy. I effectively sent them down into the city in rush hour..when they are located in a suburb north of here. How do you apologize for that?

I don't care what my book says, my brain cells are disappearing; I am quite sure of it. Now, off to check all my online Christmas orders...who know where I sent them too?!

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  1. baby brain is SOOO real, ANni said to me last week "Mama, why you baby eat yoru brain?" cuz I think she has heard me use it as an excuse so much :) Hope you get dinner sometime soon! can't wait to see you this weekend....we have the right address...i think :)